Smaller Studio

Yoga Digs offers a welcoming environment and down-to-earth experience for all. We hold intimately sized classes and are often practicing right alongside you .  


We laugh, we mingle & we are big on holding fun and unique yoga events in the studio and off-site! We also like to give the greater good and run classes atleast once a week which are supporting the community beyond our four walls.

Warm & Non-heated Classes

 For the student who desires some added heat, we offer a selection of classes warmly heated to 80-90 degrees. For the student who finds the heat intimidating or distracting during their yoga practice, we also balance the schedule with many non-heated classes.  

Yogi Lifestyle

Yoga invites us to dig to new depths on and off the mat. At Yoga Digs we encourage cultivating the full spectrum: a healthy mind, body and lifestyle. To experience the true benefit of the practice, we invite you to adopt a regular yoga practice with us. Namaste!